Procreate brushes | How to find the best digital brush

On today’s topic I wanted to keep talking about Procreate brushes, but less specific than the last post. Pixel brushes are cool, but what about other Procreate brushes?

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1. Procreate Brushes

Or how to stop wasting money on brushes you won’t use.

First of all, you don’t need to buy a ton of brushes to start drawing with Procreate, the program contains a lot of amazing brushes that work perfectly fine. And that alone, can be overwhelming, so you don’t need to add 20 more brushes to your collection.

I recommend you to try all the default brushes first. Choose your favourite ones and keep drawing with them, until you know how to make the most of them or you end up knowing why they don’t work for you.

After that, is when you can decide if you need anything else to improve or give a different finish to your illustrations.  Now you may start looking for a new brush since you have the knowledge to make a proper decision.

In my case I started using the default 6B Pencil, find it under the sketching brushes tab, it was my main brush for eeeverything. And when I say everything I mean sketching, drawing and colouring it was love at first sight. I use it daily for almost a year.

But after some time my style started to change a bit and the brush began to bother me, it had way too much texture on small canvases and almost none on big ones, it wasn’t consistent enough.

So I twitched its parameters a bit. I changed the size of the texture and starting using the streamline option to make more perfectect and effortless lines.

But still wasn’t enough, I needed a new one.

2. Best Brushes for Procreate

After lots of research about brushes I always ended up on Gumroad, it seems that almost every artist uses this website to sell or give their resources. So it ended up being a great source of amazing brushes, textures, tutorials…

The most popular ones are from Jingsketch, I tried his Basic 10 pack and it’s really good, especially for sketching, they are not fancy but give you more than enough to keep drawing with different textures.

My other favourite ones are the MaxPacks watercolour brushes, are simply amazing. I don’t usually use this kind of textures, but I have a reliable source that I can use whatever I want, knowing that I will look great no matter what.

3. My Procreate brushes

So all that brings me to my own brushes. To be fair I didn’t found the perfect one and I didn’t want to keep spending money to do it. So I decided to learn how to make my own brushes

The perfect one for my style was clear on my mind, I only needed to learn how to change the brush configuration on Procreate, create textures and shapes. So  I made my own pencil texture with some watercolour paper I had at home, and starting to play with the configuration until I started figuring what I was doing.

The end result what this one, the Lines brush:

It was a more stylized and consistent version of the 6B. Also twitch it a bit to make its coloring version (without any multiply effect and low streamline).

And the madness began! I ended up with 9 different pencil brushes and 8 textures. The funny thing is that working on what I thought it would be the perfect brush I ended up with a Watercolour brush. Not what I was going for, but it ended up being what I need it. 

A bit low opacity, multiply and the perfect amount of texture, that works amazing with my drawing style~

So if you don’t fine what you are looking for, make your own version. You are the only one that knows what works better your style.

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Talk to you on the next one!