Hi~! I’m Olga Ortiz

I am an illustrator who creates Procreate brushes and cute art from Spain

Take a look at my Brushes!

Starter Brush Pack 2 ✿ Procreate

This Procreate brush pack is the second from the starter series. These free brushes are perfect for beginners.

Starter Brush Pack ✿ FREE

Brush Box Vol.1 ✿ Markers

Do you want to use markers but digitally? Your drawings will look like drawn with real Copic markers and pencils!

Soft Sketch Brush ✿ FREE

98 Procreate Brushes ✿ Bundle

Get all my Procreate brushes from Volumes 1 to 6 and save $18! You will get more that enough brushes that covers severals drawing styles.

How to Draw Animals ✿ $35

Cute FREE Wallpapers

Every month, I’ll be posting a new free wallpaper for your phone and computer! You can also have access to the old ones.

Watercolour Brush ✿ FREE

Starter Brush Pack 1 ✿ Procreate

If you are looking for a free Procreate starter pack, this is the one! This basic brush pack has been made using my own textures.

Starter Brush Pack ✿ FREE

Soft Sketch Brush ✿ Procreate

This brush is easy to use since it will allow you to draw both fine and bold lines, and you only need to add more pressure when drawing.

Soft Sketch Brush ✿ FREE

How to Draw Animals ✿ Course

In this course I will cover a total of 10 animal video tutorials drawn on paper, where I’ll show you my own tips and tricks.

How to Draw Animals ✿ $35

Watercolour Ink ✿ Procreate & PS

The brush works smoothly, leaving an ink effect when applying pressure. The opacity can also be build it up with pressure and layering.

Watercolour Brush ✿ FREE

Procreate Brushes VOL.6 ✿ Watercolours

This Volume 6 includes all the tools you need for coloring amazing digital watercolor drawings. It even comes with multiple brushes for your line artwork.

Procreate Brushes VOL.6 ✿ $16

Procreate Brushes VOL.5 ✿ Mix Media

Transform your digital illustrations in traditional works! It has all the brushes for adding extra texture like if they were coloured on a sketchbook.

Procreate Brushes VOL.5 ✿ $15

Procreate Brushes VOL.3 ✿ Markers & Pencils

The ultimate brush pack to achieve a marker scanned look! With this pack you will be able to get the same look your digital works.

Procreate Brushes VOL.3 ✿ $15

Procreate Brushes VOL.1 ✿ Brushes & Palettes

Get everything you need to start using Procreate. This bundle includes some basic brushes and palettes that I use in all my works.

Procreate Brushes VOL.1 ✿ $15