How to import Procreate brushes

Hello! Today I have a basic Procreate tutorial for those of you who are starting with Procreate. I've been asked before how to import new brushes, so I hope this post is useful and to the point.

Free Procreate pencil brush

If you are looking for a free Procreate pencil brush, I've got you covered! This pencil brush is hand made by myself using my own textures.

Best Domestika courses for Illustrators

Which are the best Domestika courses for illustrators? I'll walk you through the ones that have been most useful for me and why.

Artist resources | Where to make merchandising

Hoi! If you even wondered where artist make their products and how can you find these kinds of resources, here is the post you where looking for!

Best books to study for the JLPT N5 exam

Last year I studied and passed the JLPT N5 exam, so on today's blog I'll will show you the best Japanese book's I've found to self-study the JLPT.

Procreate brushes | How to find the best digital brush

On today’s topic I wanted to keep talking about Procreate brushes and how to stop wasting money on brushes you won't use.

Copic Markers for beginners | Part 1

Hoi! I wanted to make this post for a long time since I have used Copic Markers in my illustrations for some time now.

How to make enamel pins | The basics

Hard enamel is easy to tell because the metal and the enamel are raised at the same level.

My favourite drawing supplies

Hoi! Since I have uploaded a post on my Instagram about my drawing…

Procreate | Clipping mask & Alfa lock

Hoi! Welcome to my blog! Today I wanted to explain how I use some of my fave tools on Procreate...

The best Pixel brush for Procreate | Pixel Art

I finally have found the best Pixel art brush for Procreate. It works perfectly every time. Let me show you!