How to import Procreate brushes

Hello! Today I have a basic Procreate tutorial for those of you who are starting with Procreate. I’ve been asked before how to import new brushes, so I hope this post is useful and to the point.

1. Import brushes to Procreate

There are three different ways to import Procreate brushes: open, drag, or import the file. First of all, you will need to download or transfer the .brushset file to your iPad. In my case, to make this tutorial, I’ll be downloading my own free brush, which I will save on my iPad.

Soft sketch brush | FREE

1.1. Open .brushset files

Once you have downloaded the .brushset file to your iPad:

  • Go to the Files folder were you saved it
  • Find the .brushset
  • Click the brush file and it will automatically get imported into Procreate.

1.2. Drag .brushset files

Once you have downloaded the .brushset file to your iPad, open the “Files” app on the side. Locate the file you want to import and drag it into Procreate. It’s that simple!

1.3. Import .brushset files

Once you have downloaded the .brushset file to your iPad, open the brush library:

  • Click the plus symbol at the top, this will create a new brush.
  • Click on import, at the top.
  • Select the saved .brushset and Procreate will open the file automatically.

2. I can’t find the Procreate brush in the library

If the Procreate brush was successfully imported and you saw the animation taking place, but there’s no way to find the brushes, I’ve got you.

In some cases, the creator of the brushes may not have saved the .brushset file as a folder, especially if it’s only one brush. In that case, the brush won’t be found in its own folder, but in the “Imported” folder, at the end of the brush library. Scroll down to find it.

3. Can I use Photoshop brushes on Procreate?

Yes, you can import brushes from Photoshop (.abr files). Use any of the previous methods to do it.

4. Pin your favourite Procreate brushes

If you want to, you can pin your most used brushes to the recent folder, so it will conveniently always appear on top.

  • To do this, go to the “Recent” folder, the first folder on the brush library.
  • Select the brush you want to pin.
  • Swipe left on the brush and select “pin.”
  • A star will appear to mark it as a pinned brush.

You can try this tutorial with my free Pencil brush.

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I’ll talk to you in the next one!