Artist resources | Where to make merchandising

Hoi! If you even wondered where artist make their products and how can you find these kinds of resources, here is the post you where looking for!

I’ve been selling my own merchandising for some time now and I tried quite of manufacturers, some with more luck than others. I know how hard is to invest part of your money without knowing how the outcome will be, especially for those who are starting with their shops. Each artist has their own needs and style, but you have to start somewhere~

Instead of writing a huge post, I’ve decided to make a downloadable PDF will all the content nice and tidy, so you can read it at your own pace.


  • My enamel pins manufacturer from Alibaba
  • Different stickers and acrylic charms resources
  • Where I make my washi-tape
  • Tips & tricks when buying on Alibaba
  • Lots more!

Artist resources | $2