Bolets: A 9 card game

Bolets is a 9 card game that you can play in about 10 minutes. It’s fairly easy to learn and the setup is quickly.

In this abstract card game, you have to overlap the eight map cards and trace a path to travel from card to card, until you reach Granny’s Cottage, with at least one life left. On the way, be careful with the crows and collect as many mushroom points as you can, to beat your own score.

Bolets (2022)
🍄 Designer & artist: Olga Ortiz
🍄 1 Player
🍄 10-15 Minutes
🍄 Age: 8+

Downloads & extras
🍄 Bolets Bgg official page
🍄 Cards & Rules – Pnp

How to play Bolets

Map cards