Commission are only available for personal use, if you are looking for other kind of services feel free to contact me at

Terms of service

By commissioning me you are agreeing to the terms of service below. You can check my shop or mail me through:

Subject: Commission


  • Please be nice and write clear, so we can understand each other easily.
  • Provide accurate references, with images and descriptions.
  • Any ill behaviour will not be tolerated and your commission will be cancelled if it occurs.
  • I will contact you as soon as possible, that’s why I expect the same from the client. A big delay on the mail exchange will cause delay on the deadline.
  • I reserve the right to terminate the work at any time and for any reason, if the client breaks their professional conduct or there’s no communication on their side. Please, see refunds for more details.
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission, without need for explanation.

Rights and permissions

  • All commissioned work discussed in this agreement are non-commercial and shall be treated as such. Individual contracts will be written when art is commissioned for commercial (for-profit) use.
  • I, the artist, hold full rights to the produced drawing, not the commissioner unless otherwise agreed upon explicitly and fully paid for it.
  • The artist does not claim ownership of any intellectual property drawn in the commission. Unless is a character of my own.
  • I do retain full rights to all images produced and may use those in portfolios, commission examples, any other form of self-promotion. However, I will not merchandise of them without the client permission.
  • The client cannot modify the final work unless it’s a resize of the work for self-printing purposes.
  • The client may never claim work done under this contract as their own.


  • Corrections can be made at the sketch stage. Small changes are free, the first large edit is free. After the first, editing fees will be applied.
  • After the colouring stage, small colour changes are free. Any large edit on this stage will be charged.


  • I will send you an invoice via PayPal or Stripe (paying through credit card), your choice.
  • All commissions must be paid in full upfront if they are less than 100$. For commissions above 100$, the client will have to pay 50% upfront before the beginning of the sketch part, and the other 50% before the colouring part.
  • If the commission is bought via my shop, the payment will be done 100% upfront regardless of the price.


  • WIPs can be provided if the client requests it.
  • The client will get a jpg, png or pdf of their commission in 600dpi, the size will not be bigger than a DINA4.
  • I will not give the original .psd file with layers unless the client has paid for it.
  • I will not print and send the final work through the mail. It will only be in digital format. But you can print it for your own use.


  • The client has the right to terminate the work at any time.
  • If I have not begun the work I will refund you all the payment.
  • After the work has begun, it will depend on the time spent on the illustration.

What is acceptable and not

  • I will not draw full backgrounds, details are acceptable
  • I will draw people and pets/animals
  • I will draw OCs that doesn’t contain creatures or NSFW.
  • I will not draw NSFW
  • I will not accept discriminatory, hateful or violent content
  • The commissions bought on my shop will be done exactly as detailed on the description. Ex. If you buy a pet commission I will only draw the pet, nor the owner.

ToS are subject to change without notice.